Planning and Starting Your Business

Planning and Starting Your Business

About this workbook

Planning and Starting Your Business is designed to guide your clients, step by step, through the sometimes overwhelming process of starting a business. The clearly-written text and integrated worksheets help them understand how market research and marketing activity, sales forecasting and financial planning all fit together to create a business plan they can understand and feel confident about putting into practice.

Topics covered include:

  • business idea
  • product idea
  • market research
  • marketing activity
  • sales forecasting
  • financial planning.


  • Plain English caters for all learner levels
  • The 34 worksheets build towards a business plan.
  • Numbered steps make sections easy to follow.
  • Boxouts contain tips and useful resources.

Workbook format: 156 pages, full-colour, wirobound, includes 34 worksheets, business plan and action plan.

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