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Trainer resources and support

It’s hard to deliver consistent, high quality business and enterprise training, time after time. That’s why we’ve designed a range of services to support, develop and refresh your training team.

Trainer resource pack

PSB-TRP-cover-RAINMAKEROur Planning and Starting Your Business trainer resource pack is a flexible resource for trainers who are delivering business start-up courses using the Planning and Starting Your Business workbook.

The pack provides everything you need to deliver practical workshops that guide participants through the process of planning a business. Suitable for both new and experienced trainers, the resource pack offers structured content and a comprehensive set of resources for 5 one-day workshops (or 31 guided learning hours).

The workshop sessions are designed to guide participants through the process of planning a business step by step.


  • Trainer’s text provides structure and context.
  • Easy to use, with worksheets reproduced alongside the text.
  • Trainer’s tips highlight important practical points.
  • Text offers references for further reading.
  • Includes a timetable for trainers running the course as day workshops.

Additional resources include:

  • PowerPoint® slides to use in class or print as handouts.
  • Optional activities for use as icebreakers, energy-raisers, aids to learning or for skills practice.
  • Full instructions and timings for all activities.
  • Registration and evaluation form templates.
  • MS Office versions of all 34 worksheets.

The trainer pack is available with orders of 10 copies of the Planning and Starting Your Business workbook.

Licensed use

When purchased for professional use, Essential Business materials are sold under specific licence, enabling the materials to be used with groups and individuals. Licensed users are provided with additional resources to support their delivery, including Microsoft Office™ copies of worksheets and additional information resources.

We work with you to make sure that these licensed resources fit your needs and further bespoke resources can be created, if required.

Bespoke resources

Business start ups and small business owners have diverse needs and interests. We can also create custom courses and resources, tailored to the specific requirements of the client groups you work with. To find out more, contact us on 01273 569249.

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