Products and Services

Products and services

At Essential Business we work with all different types of people and organisations… ranging from someone who is simply thinking about starting a business, to large organisations who work with business owners all across the UK and abroad. Our customers use our guides, workbooks and courses to support them, whether they are starting out in business or training large groups of students or business start-ups. Our resources are flexible, user tested and award-winning.

Which Essential Business products are right for you?

It depends who you are and what work you do. Are you a professional working with business start-ups, small business owners or enterprise students? Then you’re in the right place to explore our publications and trainer resources.

(If you are starting or running your own business, then visit our Essential Business retail website where you’ll find publications, courses and free resources to help you start and run your business.)

Licensed user options

When purchased for professional use, Essential Business materials are sold under specific licence, enabling the materials to be used with groups and individuals. Licensed users are provided with additional resources to support their delivery, including Microsoft Office™ copies of worksheets.

Single copies, as featured on our retail website, are sold for personal use only and may not be used for training or professional purposes.

Essential Business products are used by many individuals and groups, in the UK and abroad. Our publications are all full colour with clear, easy-to-read content. We assume no prior knowledge of business or business terms and we use Plain English throughout.