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At Essential Business we provide guides, workbooks and courses for a range of different people and organisations… including start ups, business advisers, enterprise educators and professionals who work in corporate organisations that support small business owners.

Please note: This website is aimed at professional users of Essential Business products. If you are someone who is thinking of starting or running your own business, and you’re looking for books, guides, courses and free resources to help you, please visit our retail website.

Our professional customers use our resources to compliment and enhance the information and support they offer to new and existing business owners, or enterprising students.

Our materials are flexible, user tested and award-winning for their clarity and use of plain English. Essential Business books, workbooks and online courses are written by people who understand how it feels to run a business and everything we produce is in full colour with lots of clear, easy-to-read content.

Using this website

Essential Business materials are ideal for clients who are just starting out in business and will also add value to those who have been in business for years.  Browse our publications or click the image below that most closely fits your needs.

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